Women can experience a variety of conditions that significantly affect their wellbeing. Some, like menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, are considered normal stages of development and reproduction that must be monitored to maintain optimal health and overall quality of life. Others, like osteoporosis, reproductive organ anomalies, and certain cancers, require preventative screening to ensure immediate treatment and the best possible outcomes. Screening and diagnostic imaging are important tools to support women's health and minimize the possibility of developing serious illnesses.

At Valley Radiology, we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic screening and medical imaging technologies that allow us to identify a broad spectrum of concerns that can lead to significant medical issues. Woman's imaging offers numerous benefits to both patients and healthcare providers, including:

  • Pregnancy monitoring: Obstetric ultrasounds are conducted on pregnant women to track their babies' growth. The results of the sonogram allow the clinician to identify and diagnose potential concerns that could influence the development of the fetus and the health of the mother.
  • Accurate, fast results: Patients and clinicians can obtain the results of different screenings quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. This empowers healthcare providers with the information necessary to prescribe treatments and corrective measures early, giving patients the best possible opportunity for recovery.
  • Targeted diagnostic processes: Women's imaging allows clinicians to perform screenings on a particular part of the anatomy in a minimally invasive way. Women’s diagnostic screening at Valley Radiology offers patients the tools, support, and resources necessary to clearly identify medical anomalies after a single screening without requiring multiple tests.

Learn about the types of women's medical imaging tests currently available.

Bone Density Testing

While both men and women can lose bone density over time, women are especially susceptible to osteoporosis after menopause. Valley Radiology offers DEXA scanning services that provide a crystal-clear picture of your bone health, giving your physician the specific information necessary to identify bone loss and administer effective treatment.

Breast Services

Nearly 13% of American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives, according to data from the National Cancer Institute. Valley Radiology offers highly precise screening services that allow women and their healthcare providers to identify anomalies  early, significantly improving outcomes.

The women’s imaging services for breast screening include:

Pelvic Services

Pelvic ultrasound imaging monitors the health and viability of the organ systems located in the pelvis and lower abdomen. Pelvic imaging is employed to assess reproductive and urinary organ health. The procedure also identifies vascular abnormalities in the pelvis that can extend to the tops of the legs.

The majority of imaging procedures are nonsurgical and noninvasive, though ultrasound imaging is used in tandem with guided needle biopsies. Pelvic imaging offers a highly detailed picture of tissues that cannot be seen via standard X-ray imaging, allowing your medical team to easily visualize potential concerns that are often missed during traditional examinations. Pelvic imaging services include:

Vein Care

At Valley Radiology, we offer a comprehensive range of advanced vein care solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art radiology techniques to diagnose and treat various vein-related conditions. Our specialized procedures include:

  • Endovenous laser ablation to effectively address varicose veins and venous insufficiency.
  • Mechanical Oscillating Chemical Ablation (MOCA) is a painless procedure used to treat varicose veins and venous insufficiency.
  • Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for varicose veins using ultrasound guidance.
  • Liquid sclerotherapy is a targeted approach for both varicose veins and spider veins.

Empowering women's health means offering tailored, effective vein care that enhances wellness and confidence. Experience personalized treatments and exceptional care for vein-related concerns with us. 

Valley Radiology offers effective, next-generation technologies and imaging services that allow you to identify potential medical concerns before they compromise your wellbeing or quality of life. To schedule a screening, please contact our helpful representatives today.

Please note that a doctor's referral is required for all services except for Mammogram.