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Outpatient Imaging Services - Angier Imaging & VRI Fayetteville

Innovative Technology for Effective Treatment

If your doctor asks for medical imaging, take some time to think about your options. Where can you find high-quality scans? Affordable and transparent pricing? Exceptional patient care? We provide all of these benefits to our patients, with subspecialized radiologists who ensure a timely and accurate diagnosis related to your symptoms. Explore our imaging services below:

CT Scan

CT Scans allow our expert radiologists to effectively diagnose and treat a variety of problems throughout the body.

Doctor looks at an image of a patient’s spine on a computer screen.


A DEXA scan (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) is a type of bone density test widely considered the most accurate means of assessing bone mineral density (BMD). It’s typically used to test the bone density of the forearms, hips, and spine.

MRI Scan

Our MRI provides thorough images that are highly valuable for the diagnosis of a range of pathologic conditions, like musculoskeletal disorders & vascular disease.

Nuclear Medicine Scan

To see a clear image of the extent of disease process in the body, our radiologists use nuclear medicine imaging. By administering radiopharmaceuticals to patients, we can recommend the best treatment possible.

X-Ray & Fluoroscopy Imaging

With the latest technology in the industry, we can get moving, real-time images of the inside of the body when we pair X-rays with digital fluoroscopy.

Ultrasound Imaging

An ultrasound is a safe, effective way to produce images of the inside of your body to evaluate and treat many of your organ systems.


Valley Radiology offers superior care and expert imaging services for children of all ages. Our expert radiologists treat your child with compassion and care.

Woman doctor analyzing mammography image on a computer screen while patient undergoes a mammogram in background.

3D Mammography

When it comes to protecting yourself from breast cancer, early detection is key. 3D Mammography provides clearer images, lower doses of radiation, and greater accuracy than traditional mammograms.

DVT Treatment

Medical interventions play a crucial role in treating deep vein thrombosis (DVT), with anticoagulant medications such as heparin or warfarin being primary interventions. In severe cases, thrombolytic therapy or surgical procedures like thrombectomy may be necessary to resolve the clot and prevent further complications. These interventions, combined with supportive measures like compression therapy, are essential for effective DVT management.