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At Valley Radiology, patients trust us to provide reliable, advanced radiology services with an unmatched level of patient care. Each of our radiologists and staff members is passionate about offering patients of all ages comprehensive care powered by the latest technology and advances in radiology. If you have peripheral artery disease (PAD) in Fayetteville, NC or beyond, we can help with sought-after treatments and care.

Common PAD Symptoms: 

The most common symptom of PAD is called intermittent claudication, which involves painful cramping in the leg or hip that occurs when walking or exercising and typically disappears when activity is stopped. Other PAD symptoms include: 

  • Numbness, tingling and weakness in the lower legs and feet
  • Continual leg or foot soreness
  • Burning or aching pain in feet or toes when resting
  • Cold legs or feet
  • Loss of hair on legs
  • Pain in the legs or feet while sleeping
  • Color change in skin of legs or feet

Those who are at the highest risk for PAD are people over the age of 50, smokers, and those with high blood pressure or who are overweight or diabetic.

Utilizing Interventional Radiology to Treat PAD

Our radiologists and radiology staff at Valley Radiology are proud to offer interventional radiology as treatment for peripheral artery disease to patients across southeastern NC. Some of the procedures that we use as treatment of PAD include angioplasty and stenting, which allow the radiologist to thread a catheter through the femoral artery in the groin to the blocked artery in the legs. Then, the interventional radiologist can inflate a balloon to open the blood vessel that is blocked. This treatment is a minimally-invasive and cost-effective way to combat peripheral artery disease.

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