Dr Maynor

Specialty Area:

General Diagnostic | Abdominal Imaging


American Board of Radiology


Residency: Diagnostic Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham (1990-1994)

Fellowship: Abdominal Imaging, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, (1994-1995)

Internship: Internal Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham (1989 to 1990)

Medical Degree:

Medical Doctorate: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina, May 1989

Additional Information:

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Published: C. Maynor, B. Hertzberg, M. Kliewer, L. Heyneman, B. Carroll,

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Hemangioma: Potential to Simulate Ventral Abdominal Wall

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Published: C. Maynor, H. Charles, R. Herfkens, S. Suddarth, G. Johnson,

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