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Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to reduce the pain caused by a spinal compression fracture. These fractures often occur as vertebrae are weakened by osteoporosis. This procedure seeks not only to reduce pain for the patient, but stabilize the vertebra and restore it back to its normal height.

How Does Kyphoplasty Work?

At the start of the procedure, a radiologist will make a small incision in the back. Through the use of fluoroscopy, they will guide a narrow tube to the fractured area of the vertebrae. With X-ray guidance, the doctor will then insert a special balloon through the tube. Once gently inflated, this balloon will return the pieces of the fracture to its normal position and create a cavity in the soft inner bone of the vertebrae. From there, the balloon is removed and the cavity is filled with a cement-like material, which hardens quickly and stabilizes the bone. This is a same-day procedure that requires no stitches, no surgery, and provides cost-effective pain management and vertebral augmentation.

Risks of Kyphoplasty

While the overall risk of complications from kyphoplasty is very low, there will be risk associated with any surgery. Adverse side effects can include:

  • Infection

  • Bleeding

  • Nerve injury

  • Spinal fluid leak

  • Increased back pain

  • Reactions to bone cement

  • Allergic reactions to chemicals used with X-ray

Benefits of Kyphoplasty

Risk must be taken into consideration when deciding whether kyphoplasty is right for you, but if you are suffering from the pain associated with spinal compression, the benefits of this procedure may outweigh the risks. These benefits include:

  • Increased mobility, resulting in combating osteoporosis, reducing risk of pneumonia, and increasing muscular strength

  • Reduced pain almost immediately or within a few days following the procedure

  • No need for physical therapy to return to previous level of activity

  • Safe and effective procedure

  • Small enough incision that stitches are not required

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